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Pure Hoslteins Limited was founded in September of 2011 by my Wife Sara (originally from Boreview Holsteins, Lower Coverdale, NB), and I, David Simmons. In October 2011 we purchased most all dairy assets including equipment, and animals from Hammond Farm Ltd (Scosim Holsteins), and established a long term lease on the housing facilities and dairy quota. Hammond Farm is owned by my father Bruce and his two brothers, Keith and Wayne.

Hammond Farm has deep roots in the dairy industry which Pure Holsteins continues to build on. The farm originally owned by the Bowater Company who also owned the paper mill in the nearby City of Corner Brook.It was later sold to the Lundrigan family who had a highly esteemed Ayrshire herd. Well known within the Ayrshire world, Hammond Ayrshires had many AI stud bulls and cows that made world milk production records.

In 1979 the Lundrigan family Sold Hammond Farm to my grandfather Scott Simmons. At that time the dairy herd had been sold off and the barn was empty. In the early 1980’s Hammond farm obtained fluid milk quota and with the help of his herdsman at the time, Phil Mclean (Headline Holsteins), my grandfather built a Holstein herd which carried the Scosim prefex. The Scosim herd was sold to herdsman Phil Mclean and his wife Dr. Pauline Duivenvoorden in 1989 and the housing facilities and quota were leased to them for ten years. This is when they established Headline Holsteins.

In 1999 my father’s brother, Wayne, took over management of the dairy facilities and once again built a herd of cows to carry the Scosim prefex. In 2006 Wayne moved the herd from the old tie stall barn (built in the 1940`s and is still in great condition today) which had originally housed Hammond Ayrshires, Scosim Holsteins, Headline Holsteins, and then again, Scosim Holsteins, into a new free stall facility. In April of 2007 I graduated from the Nova Scotia Agricultural Collage (NSAC), and I moved home to work alongside Wayne at Scosim Holsteins. In the spring of 2008, my finance, Sara Howe (also a NSAC graduated), relocated from NB to NL and worked alongside Wayne and I, taking over the breeding decisions and heifer management.

In the winter of 2010 Wayne stepped down as Dairy Manager to make room for Sara and I to move forward in our careers. At that time Sara and I took over all responsibilities of the dairy operation. With my father Bruce, Wayne and Keith we always had the support and help whenever we needed it. They also provided us with financial security to once again sell the Scosim Holsteins. This time to our own company, Pure Holsteins Limited.

Sara has a strong back ground in showing dairy cows as her family has been showing Boreview Holsteins since her grandfather, Rudy Steeves started their herd. She has brought the love and desire of the true type cow and showing into my life. We have spent the last 6 years trying to breed for high type, all around beautiful Holstein’s. We have shown our animals in as many shows as we can afford to attend and always look forward to the Holstein Canada Classifier visits as each time we can easily see our hard work and breeding program improving and moving us forward in the Holstein Industry.

With the help and support of our family and fellow breeders it is our intention to establish Pure Holsteins into the Holstein industry as a well-known name, as we will each and every day continue to breed high type, all around beautiful, Pure Holsteins.